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Tianjin Tianhai High Pressure Container Corp., Ltd

Tianjin Tianhai High Pressure Container Corp., Ltd (referred as TTHP) was established in January 2003, located in TPCO industrial park, Tianjin Port Bonded area. This company was invested by Beijing Tianhai Industry Co., Ltd, TPCO Investment Co., Ltd and Jingcheng Holding (HONG KONG) Co., Ltd, specializing in the production of high-pressure gas cylinders. BTIC holds more than 50% shares of TTHP. Beijing Tianhai Industry Co., Ltd is the holding company of TTHP. TTHP fully brought in the technology and management mode of BTIC and use BTIC's registered trademark. TTHP begin to build the factory In April 2003, and started the cylinder production in November 2003.


Nowadays, TTHP’s annual output reaches 1 million and the sales volume reaches 400 million Yuan. TTHP has the approval of pressure vessel level B1, B3 and A1 (limit accumulator housing) manufacturing qualifications of China pressure vessel regulations, has got the factory certification of CCS, Lloyd and GL, the products are certified by DOT US, TC Canada, KGS South Korea and TUV certification, and achieved ISO9001 quality management system certification.


The main products of TTHP are seamless steel cylinders(spun-tube) including industrial gas cylinder, CNG type 1 cylinder and accumulator.


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