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BTIC's spirit is Integrity, Devotion, Study, and Struggle for being the first class.


Cylinder industry development in China is a struggling course marching towards the world with undergoing exploration. It is a history which concentrates the wisdom and strength of Chinese cylinder makers and marked by their innovation and contribution.


BTIC’s predecessor is Beijing high-pressure cylinder factory, which was established in 1978. During that times when full scale construction is under way, the industrial workers in previous generation made the company history, which we are still proud of today, with their own ways. The first high pressure vessel which they produced was called proudly as the first good showing cylinder throughout the northern part of China by the premier, Mr. Chou En’lai


With the economy globalization in the middle of 20th century, Chinese opening and reform policy infused new vigor into the company development. In Aug, 1992, Sino Korean joint venture, Beijing Tianhai Industry Co., Ltd, established. From that on, the enterprise changed fundamentally by switching operation mechanism, changing the ideas and bringing in advanced technology and management. In 1997, BTIC people stand closely together and overcome the impact and effects brought by Asian financial storm. Instead, we pioneered to the European and American markets and broke a new path for our development.


Complying to the tenet emphasizing “ led by the scientific innovation”, insisting on the strategy focusing on “for a international market, for a product differentia, we have made untiring efforts which reflect our enterprise belief “keeping the same steps with international standards, produced in compliance with international standards, achieving internationally wide advanced quality”. In the tenth five years plan, the company’s sales volume increased by 50 million yuan every year and the growth rate of average annual sales volume reached 30%. 60% market share of high-pressure cylinder industry was captured by BTIC. Every economic indicator has been ranking the top of the same trade in the consecutive 11 years. Our product has been ranking the top in china in output, variety, sales volume, export sale volume, market share, international approval and so on in the consecutive 11 years. In 2006, the sales volume exceeded one billion YUAN and the export sales volume exceeded 50 million US Dollars. The output of whole year reached 1.6 million, which broke the previous record. The dream, which several generations of cylinder makers hold, has come true.


Today, BTIC has developed into a large-scale company owning eight production bases in Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Langfang, Mulin, Tongzhou, Shandong and Jiangshu.


“All for customers” is BTIC staff’s highest working standard. We burden the historical task of prospering Chinese cylinder manufacturing industry. And with our persistence and devotion to the career, BTIC will grow with you. We expect to create bright tomorrow together with you.


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